ABC's of Africa Brian Ballesteros

A- Africa The second largest containt in the world and is located south of Europe. Africa was once part of the largest super content called Pangaea that shaped the current land scape.
B- Blue Nile The provides traveling to the people in Africa. As well the Nile provides fish to eat and water to plant crops, or to drinking water.
C- Cuanza RIver Is used for drinking water, and the River brings fish that can be eaten.
D- Desert The Desert is a land feature of Africa. Covers 1/3 of the surface of Africa.
E- Ethiopian highlands Its a land feature. Its located in the Ethiopia.
F- Fuuta Djallon its a highland region. country to the west.
G- gold gold was used for currently. To trade for other things.
H- HIV out of the 24 million HIV-positive people world wide 64% live in Africa. The HIV problem is killing people in Africa.
I- Indian Ocean covers over 70,060 km. The Indian Ocean was used to travel with other people.
D-dukskei Is a 270 year old folk sport. This was used to pass time.
K-Kalahari Desert Its 900,000 square kilometers. Provides natural resources like gold, oil, and iron.
l- lake Turkestan its the worlds largest permanent desert lake. Provides water to drink, and animals a home.
M- Moulouya river Its 520km long. it provides water for crops of the morocco
N-Nile river Longest river in Africa and the world. Provides travel, and water to grow crops.
O- okauango delta Its home past hippos, elephants and crocodiles. It gives a home to animals in Africa.
P-Pangaea Africa use to be part of Pangaea. Its about 335 million years old.
Q- Quattara depression Its 422,913 width and 984,252 deep. Salt is looked by the Quattara depression.
R- red sea The people of Africa can fish for food and travel to trade. Its the max depth 360,040 m
S- salt The salt persevered the food for long travel. For trading.
T- Tibesti Mountains Elevation 11,202 max height. It provides metals such as basalt, dacite, tracheae, and sand.
U- umbrella thorn acara its a tree that is grown in Africa. Used for fire wood to cook or stay warm at night.
V- vachella tortillas large tree with a distinct flat top. Can be use for building
w- white Nile it a river that provides travel. Then water for crops, and Drinking water.
X- xhose is characterized by respectful forms of address for elders and in law. Is one of the Africa fibers affect molder Africa.
Y- yams common grown same plants. seal and eat.
Z- Zambezi is a river in Africa that provides drinkable water. Travel up and down the river.


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