Donald Driver True rEnaissance man

Donald Driver was one of the best football players of all time. To start off, Donald Driver worked very hard to get all of these accomplishment. In college he was athlete of the year. Donald driver was the seventh round pick in 1999 by the Green Bay Packers. He spent his 14 years with only the packers. Donald Driver holds the record on the Green Bay packers for most receptions and receiving yards for the Green Bay packers. Also, he was a member of super bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over all, Donald Driver was a very talented football player.

Donald Driver started his career in 1999 and ended in 2012. He hold the record on the Packers for most receptions and receiving yards.

Donald Driver had many challenges to overcome if he wanted to be a football player. To begin, Donald Driver parents Marvin Driver jr and Faye Gray got divorced when he was just a young boy. His mom Faye Gray got a new boyfriend. Donald Driver didn't like her new boyfriend so he was ready to hit him with a baseball bat. Then, the boyfriend pulled out a gun and was gonna shoot but Donald's brother stepped in the middle of them. Donald's mom took away the baseball bat and sent Donald and his brother to live with another family member to keep them safe. Donald Driver was homeless so he had to sell drugs. In fact, he new what it was like having no food, water, gas, and light. Donald Driver had many struggles but he overcame them.

Donald driver also won dancing with the stars.

Donald driver didn't have it very good when he was younger. To begin, Donald driver parents Marvin Driver jr and Faye Gray got divorced when he was a young boy. Also, Donald driver lived in a U-Haul truck during his early teens. Donald Driver and his older brother started stealing cars and selling drugs during his teenage years. Forward on, He moved in with his grandmother and that's when things started to turn around. Donald driver was a athlete at Milby high school in Houston. He was lettered in football, baseball, basketball, and track. Donald driver was Texas all state honorable mention in football. Donald driver didn't have it easy as a child but made the best of it.

This is Donald drivers stats for his entire career.

fun fact about Donald Driver : He was on the same teem for 14 years which is his whole entire career.

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