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Cell labs

In my biology one class I

Onion Cell Lab

Tomato Cell Lab

Potato Cell Lab

Cheek Cell Lab

Sugar Lab

Plant Cell Water Color



The brain of the cell, it helps control many functions

Nuclear Envelope

A double membrane with pores that surrounds the nucleus

Nuclear Pore

numerous openings in the nuclear envelope, where the inside and outside of the nuclear membranes are joined together.


an organelle within the nucleus - it is where ribosomal RNA is produced

Cell Membrane

a thin layer of protein and fat that surrounds the cell, but is inside the cell wall.

Cell Wall

a thick, rigid membrane that surrounds a plant cell. It helps keep the shape of the cell.


The power house of a cell


Circular membranes containing enzymes, found mainly in the cytoplasm of animal cells.


The protein of the cell

Golgi Apparatus

Organelle made up of closely stalked, compressed sacs that carries intellectual information.


Cavity within the cytoplasm of a cell most likely filled with nutrients, water and materials need by the cell

Endoplasmic Reticulum

A canal like organelle in the cytoplasm. It is involved in protein and lipid synthesis.


Involved in cell reproduction


Protoplasm outside of the nucleus of a cell


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