The Story Project 2020-2021

About The Story Project:

Members of The Story Project learn together through a series of virtual workshops and coaching facilitated by an Early Literacy Specialist.

Members receive 15 hours of professional development credit.

Participants receive books for their classrooms and books for your children to keep.

Learning Goals:

  • Support children in fostering emergent reading, writing and language skills
  • Select high-quality, culturally diverse books and share them in developmentally appropriate ways with children
  • Create opportunities for authentic conversations facilitating the exchange of ideas, opinions, and feelings
  • Foster an environment conducive to meaningful experiences and instructional practices that help children thrive
"I feel that these types of workshops help us better implement ways we can better help our students in the classroom! I feel that everything that was shared today was very inspiring and great ideas to use with students !!!!"
"The presentation given by MWFB has help me generate new ideas and I will continue to integrate opportunities throughout the school day to give my students opportunities so that they can engage in meaningful experiences."

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Expectations of educators:

  • to make books accessible to children daily
  • to attend virtual series of professional development, including workshops and coaching
  • to distribute and/or post MWFB information for site staff and families
  • to complete and submit program-related feedback forms and other questionnaires requested by MWFB to evaluate program's effectiveness (note: names of individual will remain confidential)
  • to enroll in the Arizona Workforce Registry and update their profile

Identifying educators' needs:

Multiple tools are used to identify providers’ needs related to language instruction. The Workshop Survey provides facilitators with information about the effectiveness of the implementation, areas for improvement, and additional interests of the members. This is paired with reflective conversations during coaching to continue to support goals that have been identified. To gauge progress in reaching goals, data from a mid-year survey is collected. Data from an end-of-year survey is collected to share programmatic impact. Further, to help inform Early Literacy Specialists of your needs and growth, observations will occur at the beginning and end of the year. Data from these tools is compiled and reported collectively and anonymously.