Who is Cassie Harris?

Her best friend, Laney Blake, has abandoned her, lured by the creatures of the trees.

She's one of them now.

Her boyfriend, Ryan - an avid hiker, waits patiently for Cassie to join him in his passion.

He knows how much she once loved exploring the forest with him.

But Cassie's love of the forest, of hiking, of the freedom that comes in nature has been stolen from her.

Joy has been replaced with terror after her last encounter with the creatures of the trees.

Cassie should be enjoying her senior year.

She should be focusing on her new responsibilities as Captain of the softball team.

But there's something darker waiting for Cassie at woods edge, something no one knows about.

Aidan, a creature of the trees, waits for Cassie.

He waits to lure her into the forest, wanting her to to be with him forever.


Created with images by Joshua Earle - "untitled image" • Dane Deaner - "Help Across The Water" • Pexels - "adventure hiker hiking" • KeithJJ - "softball girls softball action high school game" • jplenio - "light darkness forest" • Andrew Mason - "Trunk Arm"

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