Reading in Year 5

Research based on the Department for Education's Education Standards Team

Reading for pleasure in not only important for educational development but also a child's personal development

Evidence suggesting a positive relationship between how often a child reads, enjoyment levels and their educational attainment level

Reading enjoyment is seen as more important for a child's educational success than their socio-economic status

Regular reading of narrative texts is associated with higher reading assessment scores

Improved general knowledge, grammatical skills and comprehension skills

Promoting reading for pleasure

Children who have books of their own generally enjoy reading more and read more frequently.

Plenty of choice - visit a library, read newspaper articles, blogs, emails, etc.

Literacy-targeted rewards

The home environment is not only essential to early teaching of reading but also for fostering a love of reading and literature. Children are more likely to continue to be readers in homes where books and reading are valued.

Reading for pleasure is strongly influenced by relationships between teachers and children and children and families

How can you help at home?

Talk a lot - reading is part of our language. Words need to be heard

Be positive

Ask questions

Listen to your child read

Make reading a daily part of life

Read to your child

Helping a struggling reader

Reduce anxiety levels

Make time to share books

Take turns to read

Build confidence

Read to your child

Use technology


Simplex Spelling

Phonics Genius

What should I do at home with an able, competent reader.

Listen to them read

Explore the mechanics of language

Develop higher order reading skills through questioning

Encourage readers to explore a variety of text types

Ensure that texts are challenging your child

What should my child be doing at home

Reading regularly (every night)

Adding a comment to their Super Star Reader book

Reading to an adult during the week

Using ReadTheory.Org to develop their comprehension skills

Most importantly - enjoying the texts they read


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