Sand Storms/Dust Storms By: Kalya and Bella

What are Sandstorms?

Sandstorms are windstorms that blows hot air, dust, and grit.

How are Sandstorms Made?

Sandstorms are caused by strong winds blowing over loose soil or sand, and picking up so much of the it that visibility is majorly reduced.

How Sandstorms are Detected

The system works without inertia and is therefore able to deliver precise measurements even at very low wind speed.
It obscures the view and the sand build-up on top of the rail may rise to a level where derailment happens.

Sandstorm Video

Sandstorm Frequency

Sandstorms are common in deserts or where sand is a more prevalent soil type than dirt or rock

Dust Bowl

There was a sand storm that lasted about a decade in the 1930s. It hit the southern plains, but the north was hit as well. The dust bowl took the lives of approximately 6,500 people during only one year of the Dust Bowl. It also caused approximately two million people to become homeless since their farms were destroyed from the storm.


Western Kansas in the mid-1930s was plagued with tons of black-tailed jackrabbits. These jackrabbits were migratory and ate green plants and their roots.

Lepus californicus melanotis

Controlling Population

One could simply wade into a large group and start swinging their club and kill the rabbits. Members of the party would start out in a circle, sometimes as large as a mile in circumference and begin to walk towards the center, driving all the jack-rabbits caught within the circle toward a pen. Once enclosed in the hastily erected pen, the jack-rabbits were easy targets for the club wielding locals.


The dust bowl had killed many crops and this caused farmers to lose their jobs. This created economical tension. More than 2/3 of farmers lost their jobs. The estimated cost of assistance is 1 billion (in 1930s dollars). $1,000,000,000.00 in 1930 had the same buying power as $14,036,744,186.05 in 2017

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