Exam Guide: Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner AD0-E208


The Adobe Certified Expert - Analytics Business Practitioner exam guide provides potential candidates with information they need to prepare for the certification exam.

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Exam Guide Sections:

  • Intended audience
  • Exam information
  • Minimum candidate experience
  • Free readiness questionnaire
  • Exam objectives and scope
  • Free online practice test
  • Preparing for the exam

Intended Audience

  • Digital marketers
  • Business analysts
  • Business consultants
  • Data analysts
  • Web analysts
  • Digital analysts
  • Media / marketing analysts
  • Product owners and managers
  • UI analysts
  • Conversion / optimization specialists

Exam Information

  • Exam number: AD0-E208
  • Exam name: Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner
  • Certificate level: Certified Expert
  • Status: Active
  • Available languages: English
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
  • Passing mark: 30/50
  • Price: $225 USD / $150 USD (India)

Minimum Candidate Experience

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become certified has:

  • Has 2 years’ experience in digital analytics, typically has a marketing background or comes from a marketing role but can come from a variety of job roles, possesses and in-depth understanding of digital analytics metrics and dimensions, understands the business value of web technologies, can translate business requirements into metrics or KPIs, build and interpret reports, communicate results and can propose a course of action based on analysis of reports
  • Helps clients understand how to extract/pull the information they want, and which are contextually relevant (e.g. help them define their business questions)
  • Understands how the technology works and understands a client’s implementation (e.g. where the data sits, how it can be collected, how it is tracked) from a functional standpoint
  • Has at least one year of Adobe Analytics hands-on experience
  • Has a basic understanding of how digital analytics is filtering/structuring data
  • Has an awareness of the integration of Adobe Analytics with other Adobe solutions

Familiarity with the following technologies and environments:

  • FTP client
  • Current Adobe Analytics Workspace features and other reporting options outside of Workspace (ex. schedule projects and schedule reports)
  • Debugging tools relevant to Adobe Analytics (Packet monitor such as an Adobe Debugger, browser developer tools, Charles)
  • Admin console (Analytics Reports Suite Admin console and Experience Cloud Admin console)
  • Adobe Launch fundamentals/basics
  • Apps, SPA, basic website understanding
  • Mobile services UI
  • Adobe Help Center
  • Data export options (ex. right click to export, .csv download, Data feeds, Data Warehouse extract)

Use the free readiness questionnaire to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for this exam.

Exam Objectives and Scope

Section 1: Business Analysis (26%)

  • Given a business need/question, identify the most appropriate reporting strategy to perform an analysis
  • Analyze data to answer business questions and recommend new optimization hypotheses
  • Identify conversion funnels (as a concept to understand business analysis)
  • Interpret Solution Design Reference (SDR) to determine what data is available in reports
  • Analyze report data to summarize and draw conclusions
  • Investigate outliers and anomalies in reports

Section 2: Reporting and Dashboarding for Projects (30%)

  • Consider the advantages of using a reporting tool based on a given scenario
  • Compare fallout and flow visualization and appropriate variable types for reporting
  • Apply the process to schedule Projects and Data Warehouse
  • Apply the process to share Projects and Reporting and Analytics dashboards for different users and/or groups
  • Apply the process to set Alerts
  • Apply the process to lookup the dimensions/components
  • Apply the process to create a visualization
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate item to use
  • Apply the process to create, configure, and use mobile scorecards

Section 3: Segmentation and Calculated Metrics (22%)

  • Determine how to develop and configure segments
  • Apply the process to share segments with others in the organization
  • Compare segments
  • Apply segments to Projects and Components
  • Apply the process to generate calculated and/or segmented metrics

Section 4: General Tool Knowledge and Troubleshooting (12%)

  • Analyze reports and identify data quality issues
  • Define different types of dimensions and parameters existing in Adobe Analytics (evars, props and events)
  • Determine how to bring data in and out of Adobe Analytics
  • Identify information from marketing URLs

Section 5: Administration (10%)

  • Apply the process to configure the Marketing Channel reports with Marketing Channel processing rules
  • Apply the process to configure Classification Importer and Rule Builder
  • Apply the process to configure a virtual report suite based upon an existing segment
  • Use the Data Feed Manager Admin UI
  • Understanding of data governance

Online Practice Test

The practice test is built to the same rigor and the same number of questions as the actual exam. It allows you to gauge your preparation for the actual test.

AD4-E208 Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert Practice Test

  • Mark your answer in each question.
  • Use the link “Send Comments for this Question” to provide specific feedback.
  • Click Next on the upper portion of the screen to save your answer and move to the next question. You may return and revise your question within the specified time.
  • On the last question, click Submit Exam to submit all your answers.
  • Complete the short survey. Click Submit.
  • Click “Take Me to My Results” to view your sample test result details.

Preparing for the Exam

Recommended training:

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Recommended Documentation:

Questions and Inquiries?

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