The depository trust & clearing corporation Catherine Lavelanet

DTCC's success comes from their:

  • History
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Created in 1973 in response to the "Paperwork Crisis"
  • Originally known as DTC, the name wasn't changed till 1999
  • Once the merger occurred it became the worlds highest financial value processor, settling securities close to $1.7 quadrillion in the world

Mission Statement

"As a global financial services leader, we proactively develop solutions to secure today’s marketplace, while shaping the future of our industry. We promise to stand at the forefront of innovation to mitigate risk, create market efficiencies and reduce costs"-

Company Culture

  • In 1999 DTCC started a 100-Day plan to change their company culture
  • Culture now focuses on adaptability, creativity, teamwork, and recognition of employee efforts
  • Achieved through cross-functional teams

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Raised over $9 million for United Way and organized 260 events
  • Month of Giving
  • Paid Volunteer Time

Get started today at a company that values your opinions, their clients, and the community as a whole.

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