Harn Good life Assignment Jordan Barouh

Medium of Work: What I found to be so striking about this piece of work that is not visible in this photo is how the artist uses the thickness of the paint to create a pattern along the canvas. As certain areas on the canvas thickened with paint it was visible that the thick areas formed a whirl towards the center. This particular piece of work made me feel a sense of aw as I have never seen such an innovative technique used before in another art work.
Design of Museum: What i found to be so breathtaking about this particular work was both it astonishing colors as well as its location in the museum. This piece of art I found to be truly breathtaking due to the precision of each characteristic as well as the beauty of the colors to compliment it. Unlike many roses on a crown the one on this art piece is a light blue that resembles the waters of the Caribbean. Along with this it is placed in the center of museum where you are surrounded by art and culture that seems nearly overwhelming.
Art and Core Values: One thing that to me has always been baffling is the mistreatment of someone else due to their gender or race. This is one aspect of life that we have absolutely zero control over and thus has always confused me as to why people look down on others for something they have no control of. In this photo the artist displays a variety of vulgar things that have been said about women in Society. What I personally like about this art piece is that at the bottom it essentially says that we need to address that misogyny is an issue in America and can no longer be ignored.
Art and the Good Life: I chose this work of art to display my idea of the good life because of how at peace the lady at work looks. Clearly this is taking place in a time before modernization as there are no telephone or electricity poles in sight and the women is enjoying a nice day out on her farm. Here she is truly at peace being one with nature and free from modern day social media, which I personally hate.

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