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Got a minute?? Plan a gift!

  1. I help families create a Gift Plan, a one page illustration showing how they want their assets to be distributed when they pass to provide for their loved ones and to bless the ministries and charities they care about. Assets are things like your house, your retirement account, investment accounts, stocks and bonds or insurance policies. These are resources that we use during our lifetime and draw on during our retirement. But once we go to heaven where all our expenses are paid, our assets can be distributed to take care of the people who will live on after us and to help the ministries and charities we care about continue their good work beyond our lifetime.
  • You pay nothing now for the gifts you designate in your plan. It’s not like your weekly offering or your annual gift to your favorite charity, where you write out a check. It’s not like a capital campaign where you cash out an asset or write a big check. A Gift Plan illustrates how you want to distribute your assets when you pass.
  • In many cases, you can set up a gift with a simple beneficiary designation. And you can designate any charity or ministry that’s important to you – local, regional, national or global – ELCA or other organizations (e.g. your local food bank, Red Cross, Humane Society, your alma mater etc.)
  • Creating a gift plan usually takes just two meetings and costs you nothing. There’s no charge to meet with me. I don’t work on commission and I’m not trying to sell you anything. The ELCA Foundation and my Regional Partners fund my work on behalf of families, congregations and organizations of the ELCA.
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