World Political Conflicts North and South korea


The map in the background shows different levels in each country. This map was made in 2012 and also shows that North Korea and South Korea are high of having conflicts. Both countries are alike because they speak the same language and both are Korean.

North Korea is a communist country and South Korea is a caplist country. A Korean War.

The current map shows that South Korea is high in the state of peace and North Korea is low in the state of peace..

Geographic Analysis

Who are the people involved? People that are involved are the North Koreans and their leader Kim Jong Un. South Koreans are also involved and their leader Park Geun-hye.

Who are the Religious/Ethnic groups involved? Does Physical geography play a role in the conflict?The Koreans are all the same ethnicity. But yes, the two states are split by the demilitarized zone.

What is being fought over? The reason or the thing that is being fought over is maybe the way the countries are being run.

Is this affecting other regions? This does affect many regions like the United States; China and maybe Japan.

Evolution of the current Political Situation

What is the current political situation? The current political situation is that North Korea is a communist state when South Korea is a Democracy.

How and when did the situation emerge? This situation emerged in the 1940s to the 1950s.

What are the specific demands/interests of each side? They both might want to rule or run the other side.

Who has and wants sovereignty in this situation?They both also want to rule Korea, the while country.

How has history shaped this conflict? History has shaped this conflict into a Cold War.

Why Should US be Concerned? North Korea has been testing bombs and missles and threatening.

What has the U.S. done about it? The U.S has US troops in the south side of Korea, at demilitarized zones.

What should the U.S. do about it? We should just wait and see, maybe confirm if he really is because we don't know how capable he is.

Road to Recovery

How and when could this conflict be solved? I don't really know how since they have different opinions with each other, but they could try to connect the two countries and agree not attack.

What has to happen for it to be solved? What has to happen is, Both countries need to understand and respect each other's choices. They also need to recognize their views as well.

This hasn't been solved or this hasn't had a solution yet.

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Lisa Yang


Created with images by John Pavelka - "South Korea Viewed from the North" • yeowatzup - "Joint Security Area, Demilitarized Zone, Korea" • John Pavelka - "Flags" • Public_Domain_Photography - "south korea south korea"

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