Proposal: Survival in Sirrine Hall zombie apocalypse on clemson campus

statement of the problem

purpose, goals, and review of literature
  • Purpose is to implement a plan for defense against a zombie outbreak
  • Aim to secure buildings in such a way that best ensures safety. Sirrine Hall will serve as the example.
  • Zombies will most likely be like those in the Walking Dead, so we will prepare for those.

Project design and implementation

Hypothesis and synopsis of proposed plan
  • The granted funding will provide us the materials for Sirrine to ensure the safety of individuals inside the building.
  • Materials for entrances and ground level window protection
  • The Barracuda
  • Emergency escape plan
  • Backup power plan
  • Food reserves

Capabilities and competencies

students at clemson university,
  • Students inside Sirrine to protect and maintain room with supplies (ration system)
expertise in zombie knowledge
  • The Walking Dead
  • World War Z
description of example procedure
  • Making a list of required materials
  • Protection: metal sheathing to exterior of the building at entry/exit points, two door system, barracuda, fallout shelter
  • Resources Management:┬ábackup generator, basement storage, POD Market

Potential impact

Benefits of proposal
  • Barracuda defense system benefits (school shooter and lockdown situations)
  • Generators (natural disasters and blackouts)
Implementation of Current systems
  • CU Safe Alert (texts and warnings)
  • Campus Sirens (signaling and distraction)
  • Fallout shelter in basement of Sirrine


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