Bird Middle School reinvents the traditional Field Day By Abby O'Brien, Colleen Barry, Brooke Lanchester

Bird Middle School students participated in Field Day on Friday, May 24. This year, teams were no longer determined by homeroom; instead, there were randomly selected teams of 20 within each grade. Unlike last year, where one homeroom from each grade was considered a winner based upon how they did in the games and events throughout the day, this year they no longer announced a winner at the end of the day.

“Having activities that were more fun-based and current, as opposed to competitive, made for a more relaxing and enjoyable day. There were more smiles and camaraderie than in past years,” math teacher Jessica Boisvert said.

Emma Caulfield, Reilly Walsh, Abigail Cunningham and Charlotte Herlihy pose for a photo with Rebel. (Photo/ Brooke Lanchester)

Organizers divided students by grade into teams that were then assigned a color, and students dressed up in a specific color to show support to their team. This year some of the games included the following: tug-of war, relay races, capture the flag, kan jam, spike ball, ultimate frisbee and kickball. They also introduced new games like wiffle ball, street hockey, four square and an obstacle course.

“People were less competitive and they weren’t focused on winning because there was no specific goal for students to reach, just to have fun and enjoy the day,” 8th grader Charlotte Herlihy said.

Field day offered the students and teachers a time to have fun and interact with one another before school ends for summer vacation. Unlike previous years where grades were split to the front, side and back part of the school, this year everyone was together on Bird’s back field the entire day.

“Having the whole school out behind the building for the entire day was another nice change, as it felt more like a whole school event,” Boisvert said.

Jaeden Upham and Caitlyn Naughton participate in the three-legged race. (Photo/ Brooke Lanchester)

At the end of the day, all students from each grade came together to play games like tug-o-war, capture the flag and relay races. The relay races included a three-legged race, potato sack race, clomper stompers and carrying an egg on a spoon. Capture the flag was played on a large field with six smaller fields within it to create a larger game to get more students involved.

“Everyone worked together during the games and the entire school was together and people enjoyed having a day off and being with their friends before everyone goes on summer vacation,” Herlihy said.

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