Sport Management Visit to Tampa Final Four (NCAA) | Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) | Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)

Students from the FSU Sport Management program went to the NCAA Women's Final Four in April for volunteer experience and networking opportunities.

Oregon, Baylor, Notre Dame and Connecticut rounded out this year's Final Four.

The Final Four took place in Tampa Bay, FL. This gave the traveling Noles an added benefit of meeting representatives from professional sport teams.

Students started their trip by meeting with representatives from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The next day, the students headed to Raymond James Stadium, where they met with representatives from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Students connected with FSU alumni working for the Buccaneers. They stressed the importance of hard work and making the most of opportunities.

The trip even included a visit to the Buccaneer's indoor practice facility.

Students met with a number of representatives from the Buccaneers, including Brian Ford, Chief Operating Officer, who shared his insights on how he got into the sport industry.

After networking, students worked at the Final Four, serving as "Tourney Town" volunteers. Responsibilities included escorting special guests, working the autograph table, and more.

These trips give our students a glimpse at what it's like to work in the sport industry and offer real-world experiences.

Networking, work experience, and world class education—it's easy to see why our Sport Management program is ranked #1 in the country!

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