Electromagnetic Spectrum by: Matthew Brooks

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the spectrum of Electromagnetic waves. There are Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared Waves, Visible Waves, Ultraviolet Waves, X-Rays, and Gamma Rays. Each have every day uses such as listening to the radio or treating cancer. Each kind of wave has a different frequency and wavelength. If a wave has a longer wavelength than it will have a shorter frequency.

Radio Waves are the largest Electromagnetic waves on the list. They can be as long as a building or they can be longer that the Earth's diameter! Radio waves have the longest wavelengths and the smallest frequency. Radio waves are used for listening to the radio and using Radar. Radio waves can also be used to transmit data to satellites and computer networks.


(Disclaimer: This is not a picture of an actual wave. It's a picture of a microwave oven)

Microwaves are the second longest wavelengths and second smallest frequencies. Microwaves have uses just as Radio waves do. Microwaves are used for cooking food as seen above. They are also used for transmitting data between cell phones and other devices like them.


Next on the list is infrared waves. Infrared waves have the third longest wavelengths and the third smallest frequencies. Infrared waves are emitted by the sun and they are what make us feel heat. Certain TV remotes even emit infrared waves to tell your TV what to do. Infrared waves cannot be detected by human eyes so we have special cameras that can interpret the waves. They then assign visible colors to them so that we can understand the data for ourselves.

VIsible light

Visible light. The only visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. You use this part of the spectrum every day of your life (unless you're blind). It is used for seeing and not much more can be said about it other than its wavelength and frequency are right in the middle of the spectrum.

ultraviolet Waves

A Picture of The Ultraviolet Rays The Sun Is Emitting

There is yet another type of electromagnetic waves they are called Ultraviolet waves. They have the third shortest wavelengths and the third highest frequencies. Every kind of wave has a purpose that includes ultraviolet waves. They are used for observing things like stars, galaxies, etc.


Most people have had an X-ray at some point in their lives. That is the use for X-rays weather they are used to see someones bones or to see if there are cracks in a building's foundation. X-rays have the second shortest wavelengths and the second highest frequency second only to gamma rays.

Gamma rays

The last part of the electromagnetic spectrum Gamma Rays. Gamma rays have the title of highest frequency and shortest wavelength. Gamma rays are most commonly used for treating cancer patients and they are what is responsible for making the hulk. Just kidding they probably would have killed him.

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