Leading Lines where does it take you?

Leading Lines: Week 16

Leading Lines are very important compositional element in photography. When used the right way, leading lines tells a story.

I was in Clearwater, Florida for an Industry conference. White soft sand, just the right humidity and temperature, soft breeze, sea gulls and a stunning sunset makes a dream vacation. Only if you fit the profile of some beach loving person. I qualify partially.

The perfect weather two out of the three days must have been a vacationer's dream. The bonus for me attending the conference was the opportunity to take photos. (still trying to get caught up for week 17)

Curved balcony railings leading a view to the far north

Three days of fast pace walking across hallways turned out to be a great workout. Between keynote and class sessions, I was also one of the official photographer helping out the organizer of the event, a good friend.

The hectic and packed schedule at day end allowed some homework photo shoot time, at the beach!

Leading Lines

The gentle evening breeze from the west for the past three days created wave-like formation on the milky white sandy beach.

Sets of beach stroller's feet, impressed on the soft sand spanning northward. The leading lines were thus created if someone paid attention.

Cross boundaries that separates us all. I am a world citizen.

The raised deck planks, shadow of a palm tree and wide angle lens, led my view to the impending sunset far back to the horizon. The Emmitt Sisters' blue grass music remained the silent and unspoken ambiance.

Under Pier 60
BW Version

There is always a way to avoid a crowded beach where at least a hundred others gathered to enjoy the day and watch the sunset. Either you go within or go under the pier. 😜

Two strangers walking pass my frame.

I don't do portraits but suddenly I am asked to take photos at the beach for a friend. They got married! Obliged and took many. As the sun start setting in I knew I may be able to do something worth experimenting. This came in their favor!

Took this shot of my Friend Kerry Mayeur and his bride, Heather. They got married at the Clearwater Beach.

Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead. Walk beside me… just be my friend. - Albert Camus

Superman at the wedding

The "clergyman" that solemnized the marriage wore shorts, superman shoes and socks.


Other Leading Lines shots.

Leading lines of light and what is beyond the end of the tunnel.
Leading Lines to the snow capped mountain-top. Took this earlier last week.
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