Making Music A most joyful sacrifice

As I'm sure everyone on the planet knows by now (because it seems to be all I talk about other than microbiology), I play the violin, and have been doing so for 7 years. I also recently started playing the viola as well, making for twice the fun.

Me and my violin. My most precious possession, and probably also my most expensive.

Playing music is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. It seems all orchestra kids do in rehearsal is complain. We always stop playing before we get to the most exciting part in a piece, or rehearsal has been dragging on for almost two hours now and we are ready to stop sitting with our backs parallel to the back of our seat. But, no matter how much we groan and complain, it seems we never show any signs of stopping. We hate it so much, but love it all the same.

One of the CU String Quartet's most recent gigs. Not only did we get a lot of money, but we got name tags! (All four of us were named "String Quartet," go figure)

If orchestra weren't enough in high school, here I am in college playing in the orchestra and the string quartet at the same time. It's a good thing I'm minoring in music, or I may just be going insane doing all of these things for nothing. Though... I wouldn't really mind. One of my biggest fears leaving high school was that I wouldn't be able to play in an ensemble any more. Because there is really no better feeling than working hard towards a big concert, and the big pay off when I get to show all my friends and family all the hard work my orchestra has been doing.

Me ACTUALLY playing the instrument. Well, taking a break anyway. During one of my friend group's famed "Brooks Dates" where we go practice at Brooks late on weekends and don't speak to each other for hours while we practice.

To put it simply, I love playing the violin and viola so much because music brings people together. Music can speak volumes just through changes in intensity and tone. And you're never truly done learning music; it is a knowledge that continues to build and build until the day you stop. And this is what I hope to do while I'm here at Clemson, and beyond. I may not always play in an orchestra or a quartet, but I'm always going to keep playing. Keep learning. Keep growing as a musician. And hopefully I'll inspire a few people to take on music for themselves along the way, too.


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