Alicia Lodmill photographer

Artist Statement

I am not a professional photographer and I never will be, there is still a lot of improvement I need. But I have to tell you if you look at my first pictures I took, you can see that I have improved a lot. My favorite kind of photography is self portraits, I like to see the emotion on people's faces and I want them to feel what I try to convey in my pictures. I don’t really like any other pictures, they are too complicated for me to get attached to. Self portraits make me feel like I can bring something to the table that hasn't already been presented. I would like to further my knowledge in photography but not as a job, more as a hobby.

This is one of the very first photos I took, and it turned out a lot better than I thought. this was a photo challenge "Rule of Thirds" this was my favorite challenge because you could take a picture of anything as long as it showed the rule of thirds. I chose to do take this photo because her makeup looked lovely and her hair was a natural leading lines so it worked out perfectly ( Information About Photograph: Aperture-f/5.6, ISO-200, Shutter Speed-1/100 Second, Focal Length-55 mm )
This photo was taken for the challenge "unusual perspective" I don't really know what was going on in my head I just saw a puddle and I liked the way the trees looked since it was fall with all the colors. something interesting about this photo is it was unintentional, originally I just wanted a picture of the puddle so I could get the sky in there, but then this happened and it turned out really nice. ( Information About Photograph: Aperture-f/5.6, ISO-100, Shutter Speed-1/125 Second, Focal Length-35 mm )
This was a bit of a challenge to make this photo, this was like the 8th photo where it turned out semi good. We wanted this photo to bring true emotion into it, and to do that we had to find a way to make it look like she was gone but she is near me always. She is holding my shoulder telling me everything is alright. Its not a clear image but I liked it. ( Information About Photograph: Aperture-f/14, ISO-1600, Shutter Speed-1/30 Second, Focal Length-42 mm )
This photo, I just found in my light room portfolio. I don't think there is an reason for this picture, I like it though. It reminds me of Washington because of all the trees surrounding everything. I did change some of the color to it but other than that its a original. ( Information About Photograph: Aperture-f/36, ISO-2500, Shutter Speed-1/180 Second, Focal Length-55 mm )
Unusual perspective was the photo challenge for this picture, I wanted to do worms eye view, but this is more like cats eye view. the color on the "NO PARKING" makes it almost like a leading line. to his shoes, which was not was I was going for but it still works. this is a very simple photograph but I like it. ( Information About Photograph: Aperture-f/5.0, ISO-100, Shutter Speed-1/125 Second, Focal Length-29 mm )

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