Charles Claggett Inventor of the Trumpet

-Charles Claggett was born in Waterford, Ireland.

-He was born in the year of 1740 and died in 1795.

-He led theatre bands in Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, and Newry.

-Later in his life he made the "telio cordon" in London, England.

-In about 1791 he exhibited his musical instruments at the Hanover Square Rooms.

Some people thought they saw similar designs to the trumpet and French horn dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

-He also invented and got a patent for inventing the french horn.

-None of Claggett's inventions survived because of modern reconstruction over powered his designs.

-Claggett actually invented the valve mechanism for the early version of the trumpet.

-The first practical valve mechanism was the box tubular was made by Heinrich Stölzel and Friedrich Blühmel.

-Joseph Riedlin in 1832 invented the rotary valve, a form now only popular in Eastern Europe.


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