Gabriel's Goal Project English 2 / Period 6

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester my goal is to get at least a B average in all my classes. I will get this by always doing my work and paying attention in class.

I tried to find a picture of like a studying environment so I picked this.
  • Step 1: Do Homework
  • Step 2: Study
  • Step 3. Pay Attention
  • Step 4. Come in before and after school.

English Goal

My goal is to get an A again like last semester I will pay attention and do my work.

This is connecting to like reading and studying for English.
  • First: Pay attention at all times
  • Second: Read
  • Third: study for any and all test that are coming up
  • Fourth: Turn in all my work

High School Goal

My high school goal is to graduate with a good GPA.

This is like a representation of me graduating from high school.
  1. I will put my full effort into all my work.
  2. Will take any and all extra credit work offered.
  3. Keep all my grades above a C all four years of High School

After High School Goal

After High school I plan to go to college I will do this by starting law school where I will become a corporate lawyer.

  • First I need to find one of the top law school I can get into
  • Next I need to find out how much and how long I will attending this school
  • Last I just need to always pay full attention when anything about this job comes up.

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to become more respectable to my family and friends by being successful.

  • I will need to prove to all my friends and family that I am successful.
  • After that bring all my friends and family over to show what I have done with my life .


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