CRISPR PROJECT Jack Santini, Nick Newton, Alex Manolorakis

What is it? CRISPR is a segment of DNA containing short repetitions of base sequences, involved in the defense mechanisms of prokaryotic organisms to viruses.

How is it useful: CRISPR is useful because it is going to revolutionize the human race. It will be used to cure diseases such as AID'S, cancer, and other deathly diseases. CRISPR could also be useful by creating the perfect human race.

Should it be used and why? Yes, it should be used because people can save people's lives who have serious diseases. The only negative is that people could take advantage of CRISPR and add different kinds of traits to humans before they are even born.

Why is this interesting? It could change the whole world, positively or negatively. It depends on the humans today how they want to use this type of DNA sequencing.


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