Artist Statement Karla Eufracio

Three things I learned this semester about Photoshop were to learn how to use tools such as the move tool, opacity layers, duplicate, skew/transform, black and white tool, and other tools. Through learning these tools I also learned how to change the color of an image, how to change size and how to repeat layers such as command+u to change color and command+j to duplicate. Another thing I learned is how to use the paintbrush in order to add color to an image that is black and white in the MiniTutorials.

MiniTutorial 3

One thing I discovered about working with 1) printmaking and 2) collage art is that through these assignments there are ways to express many ideas of life including mine. You can express these ideas by using elements of design such as direction, color, size, shape, line, or texture. For my collage art I used direction and color so that the image could focus only on the girl and create to image to pop out of the white background.

Collage Art

Lastly, it is important for artists such as myself to have a portfolio that expresses personal beliefs and ideas because I can set goals that I have personal control over and show the aspects of my life to reflect on my beliefs and values throughout time. An individual can express their opinions and thoughts about anything they are curious about so other people can notice these things. These 'things' can be issues about personal or overall world problems. It can create for others to change their point of view on situations; change their mind on how they see things.

Identity Painting-Emmanuel Turner

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