North and South Korea By: Jackson Nelson

  • Where in the world is this conflict? In North and South Korea 38th parallel.
  • Why is it taking place? It's taking place because South Korea wants to have freedom and they don't wanna be connected to the North Korea.
  • What is the current political geography of this region? The current political geography is the border
Geographic analysis
  • Who are the people involved? North and South Koreans
  • Who are the religious/ethnic groups involved? Protestantism and Korean shamanism.
  • Does physical geography play a role in this conflict? Yes
  • What is being fought over? South Korea doesn't want to be part of North anymore
  • What is the current political situation? North Korea want to be in charge of South Korea but South wants to be on there own
  • How and when did this situation emerge? It happened when king jung uh became leader and he is communist
  • How has history shaped this conflict? It has shaped it because the leader are family members

Why should the U.S. be concerned with this conflict? They should be concerned because they don't like us and they have nuclear weapons

  • How and when could this conflict be solved? This conflict could be solved any day and South Korea could have freedom
  • What has to happen for it to be solved? The thing that needs to change is the leader of North Korea needs to be someone else

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