Biography of Troy Snyder

Troy Snyder was born in Buffalo, New York.

. Throughout his childhood and formative years, Mr. Snyder has worked in many areas of his family owned 100+ year old commercial printing business. After earning his BA in Economics at the State University of New York, he studied International Business in London, England and New Venture Management in Clark University's MBA program. Working with a UK based consulting firm, Mr. Snyder was entreated to work with multinational marketing and senior executive managers on business plan execution across Europe.

After leaving the business climate in Europe and UK, Mr. Snyder moved back to the United States to found one of the countries first Internet Service Providers, CONNECTnet, which was ultimately acquired by Allegiance Telecom. CONNECTnet provided leased lines, co-locations and was one of the first DSL providers to 4000 customers.

CONNECTnet acquired by Allegiance

In 1998, Mr. Snyder co-founded ClickHear Productions to respond to the growing call for streaming media production and ultimately delivery. ClickHear completed over 350 Live Internet Broadcasts for old world media monoliths like NBC, Showtime, The Turner Media Empire; industry leaders such as Microsoft, NASA, SAIC, INTEL; new world Internet media plays including MP3.com, The Digital Club Network, Cox Interactive Media; and horizontal service bureaus such as Globix, INTERVU and WebCast Solutions. The company remained profitable and experienced a 400% growth in revenue during the Internet boom and ultimately was acquired by CMGi/NaviSite on the eve of 2000.

ClickHear acquired by CMGI/NaviSite

In 2002, Mr. Snyder acquired Streaming Media Corporation, e-Media, and the media arm of NaviSite to form Nine Systems. Spearheaded by Mr. Snyder, Nine Systems used the best-of-breed model to the CDN business for the first time. By applying this business model to the company’s key strategy, Nine Systems elevated itself over its competitors and made broadcasting audio and video over the Internet easy, affordable and reliable for leading organizations across diverse industries.

Nine Systems acquired by Akamai

In late 2006, Akamai Technologies acquired Nine Systems in the largest transaction of the sector in recent years. Mr. Snyder was a Vice President and Executive Producer at Akamai in charge of Ecosystem, Strategic Objectives and Business Development - developing popular brands and destinations across the Internet. Recently Mr. Snyder has worked as an Executive Transmedia Producer on events such as: 2010/2014 FIFA World Cups, 2010/2012/2014 Olympics; while leading efforts related to 4k/UHD, and Virtual Reality for it’s clients such as Red Bull, Ubisoft, NASCAR, Nokia, and GoPro to name a few.

Over the years I've helped to create many transformative technologies, events and destinations for the worlds largest marketers.
To highlight a few of the projects completed over the last 20 years...

Mr. Snyder holds strategic board seats at companies ranging from online/offline content production to asset management and destination sites.

Mr. Snyder is a current member of The Producers Guild Of America, New Media Council, a national organization servicing producers all over the country.

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