You're Trash If you litter

Litter. I'm sure you've seen some piece of trash floating around your town, and I don't mean your boyfriend. Litter is literally everywhere, and it pisses me off. I hate littering. I hate litterers. I HATE littering! If you litter, you are a disgusting human being. I don't care how pretty you are or how nice you dress, only horrible people litter. And that's a fact. Are you really so lazy that you can't find a trash can to put your dirty napkins and old McDonald's cups in? I've carried my trash for miles just to avoid poisoning the great outdoors. There really is no good excuse for littering. None. Not one. It doesn't matter if it's the teeniest piece of garbage, you're still trash if you toss it out your car window. If you feel the need to surround yourself with garbage, do so in your own home. I honestly couldn't care less if you live like a pig and roll around in your own dirt in privacy, just don't bring that crap outside. Litter makes everything uglier than it already is. Not to mention the innocent animals that are forced to live in humanity's trashed world. And they're the ones dying because of it! So, for the sake of the Earth, how about you suck up your lazy attitude and throw your goddamn trash in a garbage can...where it can be transported to a landfill and continue to pollute the environment. Wow, what a beautiful world we live in.

Created By
Elena Dziak


Created with images by bazzadarambler - "More litter on the Common."

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