Without the Benefit of (Blank) RAchael Cousins

Dorothy Livesay seems to click into something that has bothered me my entire life in her work "Without the Benefit of Tape". The idea that I gathered from this poem is the fact that we may never feel like our life is extravagant enough, or that even if we accomplish things such as writing poetry or writing stories that they will never measure up the way we would like to, simply because of who we are.

What has frustrated me for years is the fact that I love to write. I write poetry and hope to finally write the book that has been lingering in the back of my mind. The question is then, why don't I write the book? Why don't I publish my work? The answer is simple; I do not think that they will ever be good enough because I am merely a young University student who has hardly ever left this little nook of the Maritimes.

When I read of authors that I love or Cinderella stories of writers they usually seem to involve a lot more life experience. They've travelled, they've gone through their own Hell and use all of that gumption in their writing. To me though, with Dorothy Livesay's poem it's almost as she is screaming out to me "Just do it!" because if I keep thinking that something bigger and better has to happen before I can truly be the writer that I dream of being, I am going to be waiting forever to reach the expectations that I set for myself.

In the end, I may have only witnessed the Maritimes for the most part, but as the images in this prove I have seen and captured some amazing poetry worthy sights all within the comfort of my hometown in New Brunswick.

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