digital portfolio mariah

This was the pop art portraits and I choose to do August Alsina. The most challenging part was how the magic wand didn't automatically select his body so I had to do it piece by piece and then select A new thing that I found out was the glow in the dark piece. Out of all of them so far this one is my favorite.
I choose this as my food layers project because it has layers and seemed pretty simple but it wasn't. The hard part was to always change the layer you want to paint i would always forget to do that.
This was the Hamburger project during this project I learned so many things because how this was our first one we ever did. this one wasn't so hard it was simple and i really enjoyed this one.
This was the 3D forms this was one of the projects that at first you think it's easy but then it starts getting challenging. the hardest part was when I had to do the shading but if I feel if I get more practice it will get better.
This project was called things that fly and i choose the UP house because of how that was my favorite movie also because I thought that i would be really cool. Like i said in the previous art work of mine the shading was really difficult for me that has been the thing in all of my art works that I have been struggling with.
This is the themed words project where you pick a theme and you add that picture in the word. I choose boy bands because there are many out there and I add some of the most famous ones. This project was really easy.
This project was all about me and describes what I like And it could only be 10 so that was pretty hard to because I like so much things. This project was very fun and easy.
This is the quote project I really enjoyed this one because it was easy and we used a different kind of photoshop and that was kind if a challenge for me. But I really liked how it turned out to be.
This was the typography project it was somewhat hard but I still liked it the hard part was get form.

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