Room to Grow resources to improve our work with and for students of color

Our Bulldog family must unite to ensure that the legacy of racism and inequality has no place on our campus or in our hearts. As a school community, we must take an active approach to ensure equity of access, opportunity and improved outcomes for our students of color. Among the hopefully many personal epiphanies that each of us has had during this moment of public protest in our Country, we must come to terms with the fact that as educators, we should "see color" when building relationships, planning instruction, assessing performance, and truly meeting the needs of our students. We will be returning to a fragile campus in the fall. The adult voices must be united. More importantly, the adult voices must be open to uncovering our own biases and seek to learn and unlearn so that we can be our very best versions of what our Bulldogs need to feel safe in their own skin and learn at the very highest levels. How each student arrives at success will be different. Let us grow, together!

The issues regarding race that plague our nation and affect our students today were not born overnight. We must begin crafting a better way forward to do the inner work of self-reflection and study to understand how we got here and how we do better going forward.

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Our Progress toward Equity

  • Recruiting and hiring staff who better reflect the demographics of our students.
  • Ensuring diverse student voices through open door policy with all admin & counselers.
  • Efforts to increase enrollment of AP, IB and academies with students of color.
  • Increased graduation rate of Black students by 10 points and Hispanic students by 12 points in 2019.
  • Reduced the graduation gap between Black and White students to .03% diff.
  • Building a behavioral support system through Restorative Practices, mentors and peer counseling to reduce extreme disciplinary responses.
  • Continued focus on building of relationships.

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This collection of resources is not meant to be all-inclusive. Our objective is to give us a starting place for our own personal and professional reflection. We will continue these conversations with students, staffulty and the greater community. #GreenAndGrowing #WeAreDeLand