The Horrendous Effects of Sleeping Next To a Phone By:Nicole Holmes

71%, basically three quarters, of Americans who own a cell phone sleep with it close to them. This occurs for many different reasons because people could be worrying about an approaching call, a social media app or even just making sure they hear the alarm. However, sleeping next to a phone anywhere and at any time is actually quite dangerous and harmful because it can give the person sleeping close to the phone radiation, it can start fires and it causes many problems with the person’s quality of sleep and sleeping habits.


A danger of sleeping next to a phone is that the phone releases small doses of electromagnetic radiation that most people can handle but, people with tiny skulls or thin hair are very vulnerable to the radiation and could even get cancer from it. Therefore, children and small infants are mainly affected by this kind of radiation since most children and kids have small skulls and thin hair. Furthermore, it is horrible that according to, 72% of ages 6-18 sleep with at least one electronic device close to them, which is extremely dangerous.


Melatonin is the hormone that controls someone's sleep and wake cycle. So, if the hormone Melatonin is reduced it causes the person to have harder times falling and staying asleep. Unfortunately, the blue light that shines out from the screen of a phone restrains the reproduction of melatonin and reduces the amount. And, this is a huge reason why a person's sleep quality is affected a person sleeps near a phone.

The blue light that restrains the reproduction of melatonin is the light that is lighting up the room and shining in the women's face.

Effects On Certain People

A study in Australia proved that for both sexes people's stressed levels increased when they slept next to a phone. Although, in addition the study also showed that there is an important relationship between the use of smartphones and sterility of men. Furthermore, men or boys who sleep near a phone decrease the quality of their sperm and may not be able to reproduce very well.

Negative Effects of Sleeping Next To Phone

There have been many cases where people's faces and hands have gotten burned because they slept with their phone charging underneath their pillow. This action burned those people because many pillows are made out of materials that com-bust very quickly and, this is very dangerous when people are sleeping because they are not aware of what is happening and their surroundings.

Also, when people sleep near a phone their anxiety levels increase because they constantly are looking at a notification, worrying about something going on on their phone or waking up to go look at their phone. Furthermore, this causes people's sleep quality to decrease if they sleep near phones which then causes them to have headaches, poor concentration and lack of productivity.

Therefore, sleeping next to a phone is very risky considering all of the things mentioned before can occur. Yet, many people underestimate the dangers of sleeping next to a phone and, they believe it is perfectly fine to sleep near one. However, sleeping close to a phone just ends up causing people many problems and, it is very harmful to the people who sleep near a phone.

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