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Welcome to my Spark Blog everyone! This page is a repository for all my spark blog pages, with links to them all down below. You'll also be able to see a selection of my youtube videos, where most of my portfolio work in VR and interaction design is shown, as well as 3D animations! I hope you enjoy it all! I'll see you in the field, agents!

Short Term Career Objectives/Goals: Find and internship with VR at it's center. Show my portfolio to the world through Adobe and the advantages of Behance and Spark!

Long Term Career Objectives/Goals: Work on character-prop interactions for VR games and experiences.

Hobbies/Interests: Virtual Reality, Gaming, Music, Robotics, Prosthetics

Blog Pages

08/30/18 - Artist Review

FEATURE LOCK Design References - Work Day #1

FEATURE LOCK - MIRA Modeling - Work Day #4

Podcast #2 - The VR Hour

Podcast #3 - The Classroom

Unreal Engine Modding - Work Day 8


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