Inferno Digital Professional Profile

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Degree Concentration: Animation

Areas of your education you have enjoyed so far: Maya 3D Modelling, HTML Website design

Short Term Career Objectives/Goals: Finding an internship in 3D rigging and animating.

Long Term Career Objectives/Goals: Work on character animations for VR games and videos.

Audience of Your Portfolio Site: Potential Employers, Friends, Family

Hobbies/Interests: Virtual Reality, Gaming, Music, Robotics

Links -

08/30/18 - Artist Review

FEATURE LOCK Design References - Work Day #1

FEATURE LOCK - MIRA Modeling - Work Day #4

Podcast #2 - The VR Hour

Basic Rigging Process - Work Day #5

Character Modelling Sheets - Work Day #6

Podcast #3 - The Classroom

Character UV Wrapping/Rigging - Work Day 7

Unreal Engine Modding - Work Day 8

Restless Soul Project Migration - Work Day 9

Projects in Action! - Work Day 10

Adobe Portfolio Update - Work Day 11

Other Projects -


Art/Images -

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