Approaching Private Equity Real Estate Funds wiktor waligora Curriculum vitae

Educational background

Bachelor in Business Administration with Finance Major (Cumulative GPA Top 4%). Attended Exchange Program at USC Marhsall School of Business with Finance Major

Relevant courses: - Bond, equity, derivatives markets (GPA 10.0/10.0) - Corporate Finance (GPA 8.9/10) - Mathematics I (GPA 9.4/10.0) - Mathematics II (GPA 9.2/10.0) - Financial Accounting (GPA 8.6/10.0) - Cost Accounting (GPA 9.1/10.0) - Management Control (GPA 9.1/10.0) - Economics (GPA 9.5/10.0) - Microeconomics (GPA 9.0/10) - Research (GPA 9.3.10)
Relevant courses: - Real Estate Finance and Investment ( GPA 4/4; Grade A ) - Financial Valuation and Analysis ( GPA 4/4; Grade A) - Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities - Investments
Business and Management Higher Level Mathematics Higher Level English B Higher Level

Professional Experience

Asset Management Analyst (June 2016-January 2017)

• Retail Projects in Poland – Blackstone owned and managed by Multi - Worked on the special project for Multi’s head of CEE, involving the management reporting procedures in Multi as well as designing the new reporting format of financial models on all SPVs in CEE. The new format was approved and implemented by the board, and it’s currently used by the Multi’s CEE offices - Conducted an asset tour and the site visits with Blackstone’s representative of all the retail assets under Multi’s asset management in Slovakia. The outcome was used to prepare the auditing report on the assets • Office Projects in Poland - Blackstone owned and managed by Multi: Piastow Office Center (21 000 GLA, class A), Silver Forum (15 000 GLA, class B) - Conducted ongoing financial and operational analysis in order to prepare the financial model for the assets as well as the quarterly reporting. The results were used to assess the financial performance by the parent company and the lenders - Performed the analysis of cash flows, expiration schedule, SC shortfall, development budget, including TIs and CAPEX forecasting. Completion of these tasks provided the financial analysis required by the lender to grant further debt financing - Modeled refinancing scenarios to optimize leverage and multiple on invested capital as well as conducted scenario analysis of exit options for use by Blackstone. The results were presented to the head of Multi’s CEE region and Blackstone’s MD - Prepared cash flows sensitivities for hold/sell analysis of the office assets and coordinated broker’s valuation to prepare for sale - Prepared research paper on new supply dynamics and market rent trends for office assets in Poland - Coordinated analysis for weekly financing call with Blackstone asset management team - Supported lease renewal process through attending negotiation meetings with tenants and drafting LAF proposals

Financial Analyst (June 2015-September 2015)

•Project with EDF Torun LTD: “The gas-fired combined heat and power plant in Torun” - Conducted commercial and strategic analysis on a €140 million integrated power utility investment in Poland (€70 million covered from PIR’s fund). The investigation included sensitivity analysis and forecasting of oil, coal and electricity prices in the market. The results were implemented in the SPV’s business model and supported the decision of PDF’s Investment Committee. - Performed a financial statements analysis of EDF Torun LTD and EDF Poland LTD. The results were used to assess the risk of parent company’s potential insolvency and future cash flow vulnerability of the subsidiary company. •Project with Weglokoks Poland LTD: “The restructuring of KW hard coal mining conglomerate in Poland” - Helped to manage the restructuring process of a €875 million investment (€200 million covered by PDF), including closing of 4, out of 11, unprofitable mines. The quantitative analysis included the construction and interpretation of the mines’ cost drivers excel paths. The results were used by the PDF to eliminate the least cost-effective mines. - Prepared and presented materials for the internal investment committee meetings with an emphasis on the current coal market prices, direct competitors and industry trends updates.


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