Flatworm BY sofia

My animal is a invertebrate well the flatworm does really have any bones so the flatworm is just a stretched blob that's very colourful

The sub-group my animal belongs to is Platyhelminthes and they belong to the parasitic family

My animal looks like a blob that's gotten run over multiple time that come in many coulers including purple the flatworms colour can be blue,black,red,yellow and white

How my animal reproduce the Flatworm lay eggs the flatworms lays about 200-500 eggs

How my animal eats: flatworms eat by digeting their prey exeternally before they eat it, flatworm eat debris and tissues of hurt or dead animals what flat worms eat: smaller worms,plat materials, algae,tiny animals and bacteria

My animal environment/climate does your animal live in flatworms habbitats are fresh and shallow water,will need to live in host organism to survive

Flatworms are parasitic so they rely on there host for survival or they can Blend in

Flatworms enemy is a warrior worm destroy and eat the enemy but a warrior worm will onlyattack if you are near it's nest the flatworm other enemy is a six line fish.

Cool facts about the flatworms have no bones and two layers of muscles and THEY CAN HAVE POLKADOTS they also look like they have no mouths.

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