Kudos Appreciation from people who made our day

National Grid employees work in all types of weather to safely keep the lights on and the gas flowing. They also give back in the communities where they live and, sometimes, leave home for long stretches to help others far away.

Our employees will tell you it’s just what they do. But we know it means a lot to them to hear from the people and communities we are proud to serve.

Below, some words from people who made our day.

Above, a Clifton Park NY customer posted on social media in the aftermath of the February 2019 wind storm that impacted customers across UNY


November 2017 - April 2018

They came through for our customers five years ago when Superstorm Sandy redefined our understanding of storm damage. They came through for our customers after punishing windstorms in western New York and on Rhode Island. They came through in and around Florida in one of the largest power restoration efforts in U.S. history. And countless times before.

National Grid crews again proved how far they will go – and how long they’ll stay – when the need is there. With much of Puerto Rico without power months after the double devastation of Hurricanes Irene and Maria, the need was beyond evident. And National Grid crews and contractors – a source of pride for those of us who know – were on the ground in Puerto Rico, contributing to the massive effort to rebuild the electrical infrastructure and restore service to the island’s residents.

FIVE READER COMMENTS FROM Bringing the Promise of Power Back to Puerto Rico

Amanda Rodriguez January 22, 2018

Words cannot express how thankful we are for your endless efforts in helping my country and family in this desperate time of need. My heart is filled knowing I work in a company who knows what it means to be “Here with you. Here for you.”

Jackie Vando January 23, 2018

THANK YOU for all you are doing to get their lights back on and bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. Giving up the holidays and special occasions is not an easy thing to do and takes a special group of people to do just that. Words cannot express the appreciation I feel in my heart for our company and especially for our amazing people! God bless you all.

Alfredo Ferrer March 4, 2018

Thanks for the great work you are doing for Puerto Rico. On 26 February you visited my house in Barrio Candelaria Vega Alta. Road 647 Km 5.3. You are working in that area. It difficult because poles must be place on top of mountain. Every body around is very thankful because you energized most of the area . God bless you all thanks.

Thomas Muccio January 29, 2018

I think it’s amazing that these employees were willing to give up so much time away from home to help in the restoration effort in Puerto Rico. National Grid’s long term commitment to this restoration effort show’s a real concern on the Company’s behalf.

Josh February 1, 2018

Thank You for all that you have done! I love how Bill and Jeremiah took some time to even fix that boy’s bike, talk about going above and beyond! You guys make me so proud to work for National Grid!!!

TWO READER COMMENTS FROM Update on Puerto Rico: Second Wave Checks In

Felix Nieves February 6, 2018

Thank you National grid for do a great job in helping these people. My wife is Puerto Rican and the day of the storm she lost contact with her mom and 10 brothers and sisters. See her worry for a week with out news of her family made me sad for her. Finally little by little she hear news of them all, every one is safe, but some houses are completely gone and running water and power where still out. But thank you for what your doing.

Lisa Willey February 8, 2018

How very rewarding this experience must be! I would love to participate in the effort. I lived in Puerto Rico for a short time in my college years and I saw what devastation there still was 3 years after a smaller hurricane hit. I can not imagine what those people are going through with this much larger hurricane. Way to go team for being such a good example of what “Here with you, Here for you” means in practice. I am very proud of this work!


Nathan Stone, Kathy Hill

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