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We eat lots of types of foods. We eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. We also eat onions and bread. We commonly eat fish for meat. Goats and cows provide us with milk and meat. We often cook our food outside. We eat a lot of different foods.

King tut is a great ruler. King tut became our ruler at the age of nine. He received lots of help from his vizier. Akhenaten is Tutankhamen father. King tut changed our religion from monotheism to polytheism. King tut is our ruler and it is 1332 BC. King tut hunts at heliopolis. This is our pharaoh King Tut.

Come look at are amazing clothes. Men wear clothes made of linen. Our clothes are woven from flax plant. Men wear loincloth skirts. Men wear shirt like tunics. Women wear long dresses. Those are the types of clothes we wear.

The Nile River is our main water source. We make mud bricks out of mud and water from the Nile River. The Nile River flows through upper Egypt and lower Egypt. We settle on both sides of the Nile River. The Nile River is the most fertile places in Egypt. The Nile River is a very important part of Egypt.

There are a lot of facts about egypt. We often barter grain. We used to have to Kingdoms. Our first ever pharaoh was narmer also know as menes. We once had two kingdoms. We do not many laws in egypt.

This is are type of agriculture. The Nile river helps a lot with our farming. We grow lots of wheat. We also grow fruits and vegetables. Agriculture brings us wealth. That is what farming is like here in Egypt.

I am going to tell you about our religion. The god Ra is our most important god. Our Pharaoh and priest worship at temples and we worship at home. We can also worship in shrines. We believe that our god Horus is in human form. That is what our religion is like.

We have many landmarks. The Nile river is one of the most fertile places in Egypt. We settled next to the Nile river. We can tell when the Nile river is going to flood. The land surrounding the Nile river is called Kemet. The Nile river is one of our many land marks.

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