Anne Frank Portfolio Gavin Duong - Period 4

Anna Frank Biography

Exploring the Setting

Secret Annex

The secret annex was where Anne Frank, her family, and other families went into hiding when the Nazis invaded Poland in 1942. The Secret Annex was located behind Otto Frank's business, behind a bookcase.

This is where the entrance was

National Monument, Amsterdam

The National Monument in Amsterdam, Netherlands represents the what haapened in 1956 WW2. After the war, it was built from the Dutch government to represent the lives lost in WW2.

The Monument is 800 meters away from Anne's House.

Nuremberg Law

This chart shows if a Jew or German is there race or not.

Nuremberg Laws

Article 1

1. Marriages between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent this law.

2. Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the state prosecutor.

Article 2

Extramarital relations between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden.

Article 3

Jews may not employ in their households female subjects of the state of German or related blood who are under 45 years old.

Article 4

1. Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or national flag or display Reich colors.

2. They are, on the other hand, permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the state.

Article 5

1. Any person who violates the prohibition under Article 1 will be punished with a prison sentence.

2. A male who violates the prohibition under Article 2 will be punished with a jail term or a prison sentence.

3. Any person violating the provisions under Articles 3 or 4 will be punished with a jail term of up to one year and a fine, or with one or the other of these penalties.

Article 6

The Reich Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the Deputy of the Führer and the Reich Minister of Justice, will issue the legal and administrative regulations required to implement and complete this law.

Article 7

The law takes effect on the day following promulgation, except for Article 3, which goes into force on January 1, 1936.


Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Propaganda are in posters, films, speechs, books, media, radios, commercials, comics, magazines, etc. U.S and Germany used propaganda many times to get the people on their side.



Otto Frank

He was born on May 12, 1889 in Frankfurt am main. He studied art in Germany and moved to New York for work experience at Macy's. He was later drafted into the army then promoted to army lieutenant. He later marries Edith on May 12, 1925. After WW2, he dies in Switzerland on August 12, 1980.

He is the one standing in the middle.

Edith Frank

She was born on January 16, 1900 in Aachen, Germany and had 2 brothers, Julius & Walter, and 1 sister, Betti. On May 12, 1925, Edith marries Otto Frank and moves to Frankfurt an Main, Germany. After being arrested from hiding on August 4, 1944, she was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau and was killed on January 6, 1945.

Margot Frank

She was born on February 16, 1826 in Frankfurt an main. She emigrates with her family to the Netherlands. Both Anne and Margot fell in love with Peter van Pels. Margot studied Latin because Bep Voskuijl, a member who helped with the Franks go into hiding, took Latin and tried to learn, but Margot did the homework.

Margo is on the left & Anne is on the right.

Peter van Pels

Peter van Pels was born on November 8, 1926 in Osnabrück, Germany. At the age of 11, he emigrated to the Netherlands and goes into hiding. After he was arrested, he was taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau and survived the selection. He was then sent to Mauthausen, Austria & was killed there on May 10, 1945.

Act 1 Summary

Anne tells her dairy about everyone and who is in the Secret Annex. The Scecret Annex is behind a bookcase in Mr. Frank's business. The people who joined the Franks going into hiding was van Pels and Mr. Dussel and the people who know about the Annex was Mr. Kraler and Miep. They fight a lot and get a long sometimes.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was from April 19, 1943 – May 16, 1943. Around 250,000-300,000 Jews were killed in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. More than 13,000 Jews and 300 German soldiers were killed. The Jewish morale in Poland was to revolt.


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