Kelly Tea

Kelly Tea


Kelly Tea is currently a sophomore attending California State University, Fullerton. She is focusing her studies in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. She has exemplary organizational skills, a detail-oriented focus on all projects and tasks, and can provide great communication skills with coworkers, clients, and authority figures. Kelly brings an upbeat vibe to the workplace with her easygoing personality but can also hold down a firm grip on any occurring issues.

Business Administration, Accounting Concentration (Graduating in 2019)


Dean’s List Spring Semester 2016 | Earned a GPA of 4.0

Dean’s List Fall Semester 2016 | Earned a GPA of 3.58


Campus Resource Presentation - worked as a team effort with group members and researched surrounding resources that students could utilize, educated students and spoke about the benefits of the Counseling and Psychological Services at Cal State Fullerton


Accounting Assistant at RST Meat and Poultry (Hacienda Heights, November 2016 - present) — Ensures efficient and accurate processing and filing of company vendors (AP) invoices and outgoing shipments of clients (AR) to make the process of delivery and payments smooth.Provides calculations of employee payrolls, manages complete sales transactions from customer service to POS systems to promote business and build a reputation for having the finest quality products and services

Barista and Cashier at Hello Kitty Cafe (Arcadia, March 2017 - present) — Creates espresso and iced tea drinks and efficiently packs pastrieswhile ensuring quality of all orders from cakes, pastries, and drinks. Performs quick and excellent customer service by providing great communication, accurate sales transactions and quick service to ensure the experience of the customer is outstandingand unique. Demonstrates teamwork with coworkers in providing the best quality of orders to customers and communicating fair shifts in responsibilities to build strong relationships and a healthy work environment


Business Calculus, Principle of Microeconomics, Business and Its Leganl Environment


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