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Get Some

1997 | Rock

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“They took your so-called rights. -- You didn't even fight. -- Now that we've given you this message you've got a mess. -- But you can salvage, continue to grow."


  • Snot is an American alternative metal band from Santa Barbara, California. Formed in 1995.
  • The band released their only studio album "Get Some" with founding vocalist Lynn Strait in 1997 and disbanded after his death in 1998.
  • On December 11, 1998, Strait died in a car accident when a truck struck his car, killing him and his boxer, Dobbs.


Luke Tatum

Hear, hear! I first learned of the band Snot many moons ago, thanks to a Trigun music video I discovered in Junior High. (Trigun, if you don't know, is an anime about an expert gunfighter who never kills his opponents.) I'm always down for a band calling out the public for their poor choices. That being said, this is a double-edged line of thought. On the one hand, if how everything is today is "our fault" then we have to give democracy and voting a bit of credit as being effective. If we just got out and vote, things could be different. This deflects blame away from the horrible people in power, and their eternally power-hungry antics. I prefer to blame the state and its agents, and get as many people involved as I can. If we're all standing around blaming each other, things continue to get worse as we have not directed the pressure at the right link in the chain.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is a straight up call to action. Real action is the only thing that is gonna make change happen, whether it's trying to win hearts and minds, practicing agorism, or actual physical resistance, action is the answer. Just complaining helps nothing, and while it's ok to point out the bad, you've gotta be willing to try to figure out how to put some work behind it too.

Nicky P

It's fascinating to see how people take the same set of words very differently. As I looked over Luke's writeup I had to call into question my own reading of the song. My conclusion is that I stand by my initial take. The song seems to be pointing out all the ways in which we as a society allow ourselves to ""sleep."" There's signs all around us of our own subjugation but we choose to plug back into the television in an effort to stave off dealing with the harshness of being awake...woke. The song calls out sitcoms and American Gladiators (American Ninja Warrior today) specifically. The same people financing these spectacles are the same people financing power grabs like the Patriot Act. I see the song as a call to awareness. It specifically says fight, not vote. Fighting to me is making your own art to compete. We've watched how their art is failing at keeping everyone in line and they haven't quite destroyed all the technological tools for spreading your art yet...although, Youtube certainly seems to be in its last legs.

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Nicky P