Chris Buczkowski 'The Normal Guys'

Have you ever wondered how real people would fare in the end times? What if the end times involved all manner of bizarrely-mutated animal life rising up to crush, or assimilate humanity? The Normal Guys aren't some badass group of survivors. They're just average people, as strange, funny, and unsure of the world as you or I. Only, they've got to fight if they want to see the sun poke up above the horizon each morning. For them, there is no luxury of expectation.

Witness the absurd downfall of civilization, and follow The Normal Guys as they try to understand their place in the new world. Will Harvy, Larry, Harriet, and the rest of the gang be content to simply get by, or will they find a way to overcome the ever-present threat of death - or worse, transformation - for good?

Whatever they choose, their path will not be easy, but there will be stories to tell, laughter to be had, and tears to shed. Because life doesn't end for the apocalypse...

Author, musician, introvert, and strange excuse for an adult, Chris Buczkowski, lives in Buffalo, NY with his dogter, Lily

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