Paleo cafe boasts healthy food with a delicious twist

Tucked in a cozy little outlet on Saugatuck Avenue lies a paleo and gluten-free infused cafe. Although NewBrook cafe Kitchen and Paleo Cafe is by all means a place for healthy eating, the mother-daughter chef duo of Cindy and Danielle Hartog are trying to move away from the stigma surrounding “healthy foods” and a paleo diet. The Hartog’s were affected by an autoimmune disorder that ushered them into the ways of a paleo diet, and decided to open NewBrook as a way to promote the paleo life as one that is not only healthy, but tasty as well.

Fall Bliss Salad

A light cranberry vinaigrette coats the nice blend of arugula and spinach, and adds a refreshing bite to this fall seasoned salad. Sprinkled amidst this combination of leafy greens are perfectly roasted and crispy butternut squash, brussel sprouts and zucchini. This salad is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy yet filling and enjoyable lunch or dinner.

The NewBrook Toast

A classic take on the famed avocado toast, the NewBrook toast has a perfect combination of delicious avocado layered on top of a beet puree. At first, this may seem a bit strange, but after taking that first bite, the crunch of the pine nuts, the sweet beet puree and the avocado topping will create an incredibly delectable combination of flavors. These bursts of flavors sit atop a gluten-free almond-based bread that adds a nice and dense base for the snack.

Nutty Caveman Cookie

The most popular cookie on the menu is the Nutty Caveman, and there’s no doubt that the mixture of pecans, dark chocolate and almonds in this dense yet airy cookie make it the best-seller out of other options such as Vegan Orange Chocolate Chunk and Coco Cherry Chunk. This cookie is jam-packed with different tasty crunches, but the dough itself is both dense and crumbly. It is also served in a generous proportion, so it makes for a great snack or a flavorful dessert.
Olivia Foster '18

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