Humans of NB Softball By: Julia Molina

"My favorite part is hitting, hitting those dingers!"

"Who's your biggest inspiration?"

"My parents because they always push me to do my best"

"Ive been playing since i was four, i played t-ball but i had to play with the guys because they wouldn't let me play with the girls"

"Coach schmitt has changed my perspective because when we think we can't do it he always pushes us to do our best"

"What piece of advice can you use on and off the field?"

"Always stay positive and be there for your teamates"

"Coach thomas tought us that the game isn't about playing for the name on your back, but playing for the team on the front"

"A coach that i had told me that after i wasn't doing well that you can do it no matter what and i ended up making the winning play"

"I used to not give it my all and not work as hard but Coach Roberts tought me that if I work hard more comes out of the game"

"I played volleyball and softball at Seguin High School so i just enjoyed playing alot and I wanted to share my joy and love for the game of softball and volleyball with these girls"

"Even though we all play different sports, we all come together as one whole program of unicorn athletes

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