Stop Human Trafficking Raven Mack

Human trafficking is to make someone feel less than what they are.
People are dragged into this lifestyle and have no way out.They didn't ask for this. Slavery shouldn't exist.
How can we help end human trafficking ? 1. Parents should always make sure they show love to there children, if they don't show love it will be found in the wrong places. 2. Encourage in more protection and be more aware. 3. Have a lending ear and shoulder , never know what someone is going through and you never know how important that can be to someone.
Draining their brains, making them believe they are worthless. One person cannot do everything,but the world can change this.Some people got so deep into the lifestyle they would be able to leave but didn't,it may be what they use to.But we can change this, it will not be all they now.


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