E. McGregor Honors art III Portfolio

My name is Elsbeth McGregor, I am a senior at Northwood High school and this is my third art class here at Northwood. I enjoy making art as a hobby and I hope to continue creating throughout my life.

Artist Statement-In this piece I portrayed the sun and the moon together. To represent a form of unity between two opposites that are always connected. I added human like features to create a little bit of personality so that it the overall picture was more relatable for those looking at it.

This is the transferred sketch of my original drawing. I wanted to add as much detail in the faces that I could carve without loosing the image. I really love the idea of unity between the sun and the moon so I wanted to portray with the facial expressions and direction of the eyes.

This is the carving of my block print in progress. I had a little bit of trouble with the blade slipping so I would end up with small scratches and indents where I did not want them but I learned how to control my blade by keeping my elbow tucked in.

This is one of my creative prints. I thought that the mix of blues and purples would look nice with the images.

This is another one of my creative prints I thought of doing the yellow because it reminded me of the sun and I wanted to see how it would look. I don't like how it turned out I wish it had some other colors mixed like maybe a green or a blue misted on top.

Artist Statement-In this piece I used many different Zentangle patterns. I used different types of pens to make certain lines appear bolder or very faint. I used pencil to shade certain areas to add more depth. The process of creating this piece was very calming for me.

This is my drawing before it was all filled in. I used a lot of small intricate details and patterns to fill in space between the larger designs. I also used a lot of the shapes and lines to create movement throughout the piece. The process of drawing this was very relaxing for me, I found it to be like a form of meditation.

This is the puppet I worked on for the puppet show. We worked with Donnavin Zimmerman to create these puppets by hand out of cardboard, paper maché, newspaper, and staples. We created the general shape of the head out of card board and added more detail with the paper maché and newspaper. Then we painted them to look like the ibis bird with the black and white colors. We also worked together to sew wings out of red, gold, and brightly patterned prints. So that there would be a contrast against the black and white.

Cremaster 4: Matthew Barney

Mathew barney uses a lot of psychological fantasy throughout his work. In this piece he portrays a man with a goat like face, and human characteristics. For example it seems like the goat/man was wearing makeup and styling his hair which could be common for a man but not a goat. In my block print I have created a psychological by portraying the sun in the moon together, because in reality they are never together.

Marilyn Monroe : Andy Warhol

In this piece Andy Warhol uses patterns and colors to portray Marylin Monroe this is similar to my zentangle piece because I am using patterns and shapes to portray a scene and make a picture. It is also similar to my block print because I am taking the sun and the moon and looking at them from a different angle, together instead of apart. Similar to Warhol's piece with Marylin in different colors.

Over the course of this semester I have learned a lot of different techniques that have to do with block printing and pen and ink. For example I learned more about reduction prints and helpful craving techniques while working on my block print. While working on the puppets I learned all about paper maché and working with card board. While working on my zentangle I learned a lot about controlling the pens, how to create really thin and delicate lines and really bold lines. I have also learned a lot about expressing myself through my work and more about using art as an outlet to express myself. I really experienced this while working on my zentangle piece, I found it to be very relaxing almost as if I was meditating. I have really enjoyed my time in art class this year, I feel that I have learned a lot throughout the semester.

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