Food Tips For the busy student

Always Take The Fruit

Your college dining hall most likely does not encourage students to take food to go, but usually there is a fair-game basket of fruit hanging near the exit. Take the fruit so if you have it in your bag, you're going to eat it, and it will most likely keep you from grabbing something less healthy on the go.

Limit Yourself to Only the Good Options

Even if you are on a meal plan and you’re forced to eat at a certain place, you’re still faced with an abundance of choice when you enter the dining hall. In order to eat healthily on a meal plan make the right choices and steer away of the bad ones.

Create a Routine

Here is a easy guide created by TeenVogue that you can customize and change as you like.


Head down to the cafeteria and grab some fruit and nuts and if you have time, some oatmeal or eggs which will fuel you for the next few hours. "Heed this beginning-of-the-day rule: When in doubt, go for something high in fiber and protein"


Lunch is the meal that can set you up for success for the rest of the afternoon. A salad and hearty soup combination or a wrap will fill you up and keep you running at full power.


Have baggie of nuts or a snack bar in your backpack or maybe some raw veggies.


For your biggest meal of the day, go for a serving of salmon, chicken, or steak with a side of veggies or, if you're not a meat-eater, a tofu stir-fry with plenty of vegetables and just a little oil.

Late-night Snack

Keep almond butter and apples on hand in your room is a good end-of-day tactic if you need a snack, as is enjoying a really decadent piece of chocolate. And if you've got a pizza craving, skip the pepperoni and sausage. Extra salty things have a tendency to make you feel bloated and tired the next day.

Listen to Your Body

Learn to eat until you're full so that you don't create an opening for cravings later on in the day. "Also, fullness comes in different forms! Eat foods that are sustaining (like oatmeal), and make sure that when you grab a salad, you're also including an appropriate (i.e. card deck-sized) serving of protein and not just a big bowl of greens that will leave you wanting more in an hour. And what if you spend the whole day eating well and you still want that late night snack? "Go for it," says Chelsea—but instead of packing away a piece of pizza at 1 a.m., pick something a little lighter like popcorn or even some dark chocolate".


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