No Monopoly On Violence By Kreigs Legion

War Bastard

2015 | Punk

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“Your monopoly on violence ends here alright. -- We've taken all we will take and now we will fight."


  • Kreigs Legion formed as a punk & thrash supergroup in detroit in 2013.
  • Band member pedigrees have included: Gore, Pub Life, The Rogues, Hillside Stranglers, Son of Sam, Liberty 37, and more.
  • The band has released music on Streetrock Records and Greyzone records.


Luke Tatum

Yay, a song about wasted votes! Few things drive me quite so crazy as the religious fervor that people have towards voting. It's our "civic duty," and yet look at the world that we live in. To call voting for rulers "inconsequential" is to miss the mark entirely! It's not just that voting "doesn't work," or that "my vote doesn't count." It's that voting is an absurd system on its face! I know this is something I harp on a lot, but it's eternally irritating! It's not that we need the "right people" in office. It's that no one should be in office. There should be no office. No one deserves a monopoly on violence.

Sherry Voluntary

Tonight, because I’m behind on writing, I watched police in Lake Carmel, NY carry out a red flag law gun confiscation that resulted in a standoff. I watched with 1000 other people. I’m sure there were others watching on other platforms, too, but I know that even if you doubled it to 2000, in a population of 326 million that’s just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a start. The State and it’s violent agents use their monopoly on violence every day to force people to bend to their will. This kind of abuse can’t stay hidden forever, and the more of us that speak out about it, the more people will gain an understanding of the nature of “authority” and it’s illegitimacy. This gets the ball rolling and the more eyes on them, the more likely they are to back down some. It brings to mind The Bundy Ranch incident. I truly believe the only reason those people weren’t slaughtered was that the nation was watching. The “authorities” really do a great job of exemplifying how terrible they are, we just have to keep watching and pointing their abuses out to the normies. Ending State monopoly on violence is the goal. If they aren’t able to threaten us with violence, their whole system will fold.

Nicky P

This is the litmus. When you can see the government for what it is. A monopoly on violence. To me this is one of the worst ideas I can imagine. Any group that has a monopoly on violence will inherently grow to abuse this power. The very idea of a monopoly on violence undermines the second amendment. The founders for all their faults saw it was so important to fight tyranny that they specifically made an effort to chain the government from ever gaining the upper hand. Today our government works diligently to disarm us while our politicians, Eric Swalwell, threaten Americans with Nukes and police shut down children's lemonade stands. That's what a monopoly on violence gets you. A class of people with no pretense of listening to their very constituents.

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Nicky P