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Roving Ring


  1. The thicker your roving ( A roving is a long and narrow bundle of fiber. ) is, the fatter your rope (ring) will be. You'll get the hang of this after a while.
  2. You need your fingers to have a little bit of friction to twist the yarn. If you are finding it hard to twist the yarn, try getting your fingers just a little damp.

Start by twisting a section in the middle of your roving until it wants to come together and twist. Go ahead and let it do this. This will be the beginnings of your rope ring.

  1. Twist the roving away from you.
  2. Pull the twisted roving back towards yourself.
  3. Repeat this process until the ring is long enough to go around your finger at least three times.

How to wear your ring.

  1. Wrap the rope ring around your finger until you come to the end.
  2. The end of the ring should have been left fluffy (unspun).
  3. Tuck the fluffy end into the creases of the previous wraps.

YOU did IT!!

What else can you do with this new skill? Can you make rope out of other fibers? What about grass? What about hair? We'd LOVE to see your finished creations!!


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