Author: Shaun David Hutchinson

Birth: May 1st, year unknown

Death Date: Still living

Most Famous Literary Work: The Deathday Letter

Facts: Born in West Palm Beach, Florida and raised in Jupiter, Florida

Another Fact: Writes 3 new books every year

Shaun David Hutchinson (Today)

At The Edge of The Universe written: February 2017

At The Edge of The Universe is about a boy named Oswald or Ozzie looking for his boyfriend Thomas who just disappeared from existence and as Ozzie is searching for different theories on why or how Thomas disappeared he feels like he is being tormented by the Universe after all these random accidents started happening.

Interesting Facts on book: Instead of chapters the author uses distance between Ozzie and Thomas.

Another fact: The book uses every little detail to describe each character in the book.

Quote: " I'm pretty sure the moon isn't plotting genocide. Because it's a rock." "Nah" Tommy says. " She's biding her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to knock Earth from orbit and take her rightful place around the sun."

Connection between Book: The quote connects with the book by referring to a past memory in which the main character remarks his cherished moments with the person he is trying to find.

Connection between the quote and I: This quote reminds me of a time when I left home for a long time and all I could think about is my brother who I always played and ran with. It shows that nobody how far or how long I am away from my brother I will always have my memories about him and I.

Ozzie and Thomas

This artwork shows the connection two friends can have and provides an image of Ozzie and Thomas hanging out with each other.

It connects to the book by showing the characters relationship and why the plot is so important.

This picture show me that I should cherish the moments I have with family and friends because you never know when they leave your life.

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