Love, Lucy ...

Ciao, ciao ciao bellas!! Here goes another weekly blog in which I write to you, my friends, family and ~fans~ about my time here in Europe. And by my choice in header photo this time around, you may have been intrigued, a little curious, or just plain hungry. But MY PEOPLE... I'm here to tell you I enjoyed brunch not once, but TWICE this weekend and I'm feeling overjoyed about it. Bless those who believed in me through this tough time of small cappuccinos and croissants.

I promise I won't take long to rave about the eggs, bacon (still just Canadian, but it's sufficing) and coffee I enjoyed in Ireland this weekend, but honestly I-rish I could dedicate an entire post to my appreciation for Sunday brunch, no worries I won't. But for real, S/O to Yelp for navigating us around Dublin and the cutest little town of Howth to find the best of the best for the breakfast-deprived. You're the real MVP.

Notice the cute Irish cottage on the right, yes we got to stay there for the weekend, and yes I was incredibly happy with it's homey feel... HUGE cottage girl (s/o my white picket fence and king size bed in Excelsior, missing you right about now). After checking in and testing out the large, and might I had very clean, beds (no needles or name tags in these ones ladies and gents), we headed to the Guinness Storehouse to acquire some insight into how to brew a very dark and manly beer I'll probably never order again in my life. But HEY! To the many doubters we have out in there in the world (@ every guy friend I've ever had), I promise Abby and I finished an entire pint on our own. A congratulations should be in order, please and thank you.

The next day was a little slice of home with the 30 degree weather and 20 mph winds, but that didn't stop these ~midwest~ girls from taking a hike up the cliffs of Howth ( s/o Pat Tucker for the recommendation). Besides the temperatures being numbing, the to-go coffee (not pictured due to speedy consumption) helped & the views were absolutely incredible!! PLEASE. If you ever go to Dublin and don't have 6 hours of spare time to trek across the country to the Cliffs of Moher, Howth's kind people, cute restaurants and pretty landscape make up for it!! TAKE MY WORD ( & Pat's). Oh and the fresh calamari as reward, was not half bad. Cue another Guinness by choice... HA! Who saw that coming right?!

The cliff walk was definitely cold, but man we did NOT miss cold temps, wind, and sleet... quite the triple threat for a Sunday morning, if you ask me. We spent our time before returning home walking from store to store (mostly to stay warm, sad right) and listening to live music on Grafton Street. Boy would Ellie have enjoyed this talented Irish man (David Owens- Spotify... look him up). After brunch, a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland (had us feeling quite cultured after), and strolling through the Mary Poppins-looking park of St. Stephen's Green, we were ready to head home to 63 and sunny in Rome (flops weather people, for those who know me well, they know this is a game changer).

and WOW are we happy to be back!!! The sun is shining and LAUREN IS ~TWENTY FUN~ . We've enjoyed pancakes and peanut butter (yes our first Skippy since leaving the States), shoe shopping on the streets of Roma, and a little pink Rose by the Trevi to celebrate. So ... friends and family, thanks for reading and Happy Valentines day from me and mine, to you and yours. Ciao bellas!!

Love, Lucy

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