My Sandwhich By:Antonio rivera


Although my Sandwhich is very similar to the South African Cheese, Grilled Onion & Tomato Panini it is very different. The ingredients I will be using consists of Grilled onion,White bread,Tomatos,Grilled chicken and lettuce. I decided to include these ingredients because they are found all over Africa.

White bread

I decided to go with a typical white bread for my Sandwhich because white bread is very common in Africa.


Next I decided to apply soften butter because this condiment is found within the South African panini. So I thought that butter would really enhance the taste of my Sanwhich.

Grilled onions

I decided to go with Grilled onions for my Samdwhich because onions are commonly used in many South African Sandwhiches.


I added Tomatos to this Sandwhich because it is included in the South African panini, so I thought I would add Tomatos to my Sandwhich.


I added lettuce to my Sandwhich because this ingredient is commonly used in Africa and it would give that crunch to my Sandwhich.

Grilled Chicken

I decided to add grilled chicken because I needed some type of meat to my Sandwhich and chicken is a very common ingredient in many African meals.


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