Art Studio 1 Hager Neeb

My name is Hager Neeb. I love digital arts, music, film, and video games. I've been to many different countries and cultures which shaped me as a person. I'm very passionate towards different art mediums and how they can convey messages to an audience. Creativity can be the raw emotions of an artist translated into a physical piece and I love interpreting different results. I went into this class hoping to explore the ways we can express creativity and how I can use these methods in my own projects. Inspiration can be hard to come by so this class should open up some possibilities!

Sketchbook Cover, mixed media

I was exited for this first project because I could show a little peek of what I'm interested in. I decided to include multiple logos of websites and companies I like in particular and highlighted their colors with a darker background. The reflective streaks were used to guide the viewers eyes to the middle where my name and schedule is found.

Endangered Rhino, zentangle

I liked the process of making this piece because I used what I learned in class. Choosing different light and dark patterns was fun and the result was better than anticipated. I particularly like the pattern on the horn making an almost 3D design. This helped me consider light values in my future art experiences.

Shadow Painting, Watercolor

While I'm personally not to fond of the final product, I enjoyed the process of learning how to use watercolors. We used a light source to cast a shadow and trace multiple shapes. We then used many different techniques to paint and color the piece. I aimed to use different colors to destinguish each character and their personality. I did a good job using the techniques but didn't get the detail I was expecting for the characters. Despite my opinion, I learned a lot from this piece and would do it again.

Stamp Composition, Stamping \\\ Stamp Form, Mixed media

I found stamping the most interesting because of the use of 3D shapes, both for the stamp and the form. I wanted to make an almost random pattern which also flowed smoothly into itself at any rotation. The competition is almost like a test sample for the stamp to show how it looks under different colors. I'm very satisfied with the snake-like patterns going around the form and gained a new interest in patterns in general.

Bas Relief, Casting

I liked our final our final project for the semester because it combines most of the art techniques we've done so far. In addition to using our stamps, we also painted our cast with complimentary colors. I chose orange, green, and redvoilet because they're my favorite colors and curved the edges so it is nice to hold. I had difficulty mixing the watercolors at first but experimented with multiple coats to made the final piece. I'm happy with how the patterns look and compliment eachother. This was the hardest piece for me but the result was worth it!

Fish, Mola

I'd say color was the most important element because it immediately catches the eye of the viewer and also gives context to the shapes. For my piece, I specifically chose a blue background to give the illusion that the fish was underwater. To fill up the rest of the space, I had green seaweed flowing behind the fish. Without the colors it would be harder to recognize the setting. I really liked how it turned out!

Mae, Silkscreen

The most important element is the shape of the design. Since I chose an already existing design, I had to replicate the original shape as perfectly as I could to make it convincing and recognizable. If the shape was off or warped, then it could've compromised the visual statement and looked "sloppy". Since I took the time to make sharp corners and smooth curves, the design looks great and is parallel to the original. I'm glad it's finished because I was worried I'd mess it up during the whole process!

Color Wheel, Mandala

The main element used is color. The main goal was to combine 'cold' and 'warm' colors so they can compliment eachother. I slowly alternated drawing these colors with different designs and paired them with complimenting watercolor bands to make the piece pop out. The final piece is now very vibrant and diverse. I wasn't very inspired to make this and just drew some random designs, but it still looks nice so I'm happy!

Outta Battery, Stop Motion

Movement is seen everywhere in the video. To convey the wire traveling a long distance I made multiple shots of the wire moving across the screen. Movement is also used for the crying phone to make it look believable. I did a lot of stop moti n when I was younger so it was nice to revisit this technique!

Mr. Krupp Impressions:

"I really like the rhinoceros drawing. The simplistic colors made the picture stand out. I also really liked the screen printed t-shirt!"

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Hager Neeb

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